Diary entry : Our first days with our puppy

Hi there Lovely person, As you might remember I was going to get a new puppy last Tuesday...and we did! We named her Okami. I am looking at her right now while writing this and I swear she is the cutest puppy. She is sleeping right now but I can assure you that those past... Continue Reading →


Social struggles : Being disposable

Hello Lovely, Today I'm writing an article a little bit more personal and different. I've said many times that I wanted to address mental health on this blog but I've only written a couple articles and I feel like they were pretty watered down. In the future I'd like to start writing more detailed articles... Continue Reading →

We’re getting a puppy

Hi there my lovely, So, as you might know if you know me or of you have read my latest article, my boyfriend and I are getting a puppy soon ! I've spend all my childhood surrounded by animals (we always had 2 or 3 dogs at the same time) and when I moved out... Continue Reading →


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