I finally did it 

(Random picture of a random door I stumbled upon in Ireland because it’s the beginning and I’m opening a new door… I don’t know?)
Hi there lovely person, I have something to tell you… I FINALLY DID IT.

Yes, that’s right, I’ve  started writing a blog. It’s been on my mind for a long time . In fact I used to have a blog in French a few years back but I stopped writing and deleted it. Why? I don’t even really know myself… I guess i got scared of putting myself out there as it was slowly growing and I was worried people I knew were going to find it and judge me. Um… stupid yes I agree. But nevertheless I found myself blogless (and yes I tried several time to write again but every time I  gave up)

Yes, yes we get it you’re going to write a blog but what about ? You’re asking me. (Lets be honest no-one is reading this but let me pretend and enjoy myself) . Well, it was not easy deciding which topics I was going to explore. Lifestyle, poetry, nature, makeup, art… I like them all… So I’ve decided to choose them all ! Yes I’m not going to limit myself to only one or two subject, even if this is the more logical and easy way to blog. So… There’s no link between your topics ?  UM excuse me dear lovely person? I AM THE LINK.

Ok there’s no link.

Let’s just see this blog as a magical whimsical insight into myself. (No I’m not narcissist but that’s the best way to describe it, don’t judge me and keep on reading lovely) I’m going to try my best to maintain an aesthetic inspired by fairies and wonderland. So there you go, their might be entirely different topics but at least there’s some kind of theme to tie them together.

Is see you coming Ok fine but why do you write in English? Didn’t you say you use to have a blog in French? I have to say it was a though decision to make. English isn’t my first language as you may have noticed. I speak French, I’m from Belgium. You know that tiny tiny country that makes great waffles, chocolate and beer. So I could have easily decide to write in French and spare me the trouble of having to deal with writing in a language I’m not entirely fluent in. But here’s the thing : I wanted to be able to touch more people. Why? Well obviously not to make money since it’s not my goal at all and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be well-known. I wanted to reach more people because I’d like to talk about important matter such as mental health or feminism. (I’m also going to talk about more fun and trivial stuff don’t you worry lovely person) But one thing that kinda bothered me with this decision was that by speaking in English I was reaching more people but not so much my fellow Belgian and other French speaking people out there. And it’s important to me to touch them too because at the end of the day that’s the people I’m  living with . Also I wanted to be able to practice my writing in French because I used to write a lot but then I started doing everything in English and without practice I kinda lost my style, if that makes sense.

So here’s how is going to be : I will write in English most of the time but once a week (or every two week I don’t know what my rhythm is going to be) I will post an article in French (probably with an English version too if you guys want to learn French but can’t read it well) Also because I still want to target Belgium and because I am Belgian so I think my content will often be catered for Belgium. Not that everyone can’t enjoy it but in the way that if I talk about some product, for exemple, it may be mostly available in Belgium and also I’m in my country most of the time so don’t forget I’m writing in my perspective.

I think that’s about it. Thank you lovely person if you’re still here (yes I know there’s probably no-one) and I hope my rant kinda entertained you ! I’ll write soon and until then have a nice time!

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  1. Lovely post!! French is a language I’ve been learning off-and-on for a long time (and most recently Swedish), so it’ll be nice to read French too when you post an article! That’s great that you’ll be writing about lots of topics, too. Welcome!! ❤️ It’s very cool to meet someone from Belgium!

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