A (kind of) movie critic

Hi there lovely person !

So obviously i’m not a film critic and I have no real experience in cinema but I thought it would be fun to try and review Star wars VIII : The last Jedi ! Little disclaimer there’s going to be a lot of SPOILS so please don’t read it if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to get spoiled. Also last disclaimer : I have not seen “Star wars VII : The force awakens ” in its entirety because I fell asleep watching it…



Ok so here we go! Overall I think this Star wars movie was good. Not exeptional and certainly not at the same level as his predecessors (before the new ones I mean) but good. Of course I have a lot to say about it because really enjoy the saga and also I can be a pain in the butt and quite picky with some things.

First of all, let’s get that out of the way : this is a Disney. It’s not necesserely a bad thing but in my opinion you can clearly see the influence of Disney on the movie and especially in this one (maybe more than in the last ones Disney released). I feel like it tries to be even more “kids friendly” with the cute little Porgs and the omnipresent humor. In my opinion there were way to many appearance of the Porgs. I’m not against seeing them but why try to turn a really great spaceship chase in a comedy show? I mean the fact that you have this googelly eyes creature push into your face kind of ruined the intensity of the scene.


What kind of bothered me was the love stories. Now that might be because I am not a fan of love story but I felt like they were really rushing things. I mean Finn and Rose barely knew each other ? And while I appreciate the plot twist of Kylo Ren and Rei kinda lowkey digging each other and all the opportunities it can give story-wise I feel like that relationship don’t make sense. Well it can make sense the thing is, and I might be wrong here given that it might be explained in the last movie, aren’t they suppose to hate each other ? And yes hate is a really good start for a love story (love or passion idk) but they were still at the very beginning of that hate and they “overcome” that in like 3 or 4 conversation? Not that realistic to me. (Yeah I know at the end she kinda reject him but still)

Let’s keep on talking about the not so great stuff before we get to the good ones.

The scene with Yoda… I mean yes I’m glad to see Yoda again but why? What was the whole point of that scene other than fan-service? And also why the hell does Yoda look like a little perv the entire time? ahaha Jk but you get what I’m saying : I feel like they could have done without that scene but they wanted to please the fans.


Now another thing that kind of tickled me were the jokes. (And again I feel like Disney have something to do with that) I mean yes there’s always been jokes and funny scenes in Star Wars (crucify me but I actually like Jar-jar) but the thing is that here it was all the time and a lot between really tragic and “dark” scenes which had the result of the joke not being funny. I mean no-one in the theater laughed.

I promise I’m almost done bitching about stuff I didn’t like… But why ? Just why did we have to see Luke Skywalker milking some weird creature and drinking it? I feel like there are actually quite a lot of scene they could have removed and it would have made the movie more dynamic.

Ok now let’s get into the good stuff and one last thing I’d like to point out.

The special effects were amazing. I mean you can see the evolution of special effects in movies. It just blows my mind. I really appreciated the overall aesthetic of the movie. There’s just one thing. One tiny thing that made me cringe so bad… The Leia scene when she was send into space by the explosion. I mean… Not arguing about her using the force but this was so kitch. Too much, way too much in my opinion. (Also side note but : Carrie fisher. God the feels were reals.)


One thing that kinda goes with the special effects is that the animals were so well-done. Even though I think they could have removed a lot of the scene with the Porgs I can say that they have done an amazing job with creating those wonderfully whimsical creatures. I always like seeing animals so for me it’s a win.

Also I feel like I have to give them a shout out for FINALLY including more diversity in a movie. Well to be fair it’s only normal to me but I am really happy to see that we get to see more diversity on screen. I liked that there were many badass female character and also when you look at the overall casting there’s a definite improvement on diversity and for once they didn’t cast the black guy as a vilain. (He was a stormtrooper at the beginning but I guess I’m being picky and it’s not my place to be offended or judge.)


Now here’s were the movie really got me : the fight scenes and the nostalgia. I mean the fight scenes were epic ! I really liked them and thought they were visually pleasing and easy to follow. I mean obviously as I said special effects have come a long way and it really shows in the fight scenes.

As for the nostalgia… They were some parts of the movie were my chest just felt tight you know. That saga goes way back and have influenced so many different person. It’s amazing to see how it still does today. I have to say when Luke gave the golden dices to Leia I kinda teared up. It was like Disney tapped me on the shoulder and say ‘Hey, remember those amazing moments with Han solo and Leia?”. Ok yes I can be a softy but still.

Well I think that’s it… I probably have more stuff to say but I can’t think of anything right now and I feel like have said plenty already. In the end I think it was a good movie maybe even great but I can’t say that it would be the case if it hadn’t that freaking amazing saga to back it up… I mean it’s Star wars. Did I think Disney did a good job ? Yeah, mostly even if there were stuffs that bothered me. Will I watch it again? Probably yes. Do I think it’s as good as the old ones? Well… Not really no but I have to say that I have special feelings for the old ones.

Here it is Lovely person, I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope I managed to find the right words to express myself in English.

Have you seen the last Star Wars movie ? What did you think of it ?



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