Quirky magical “get to know me” TAG

Well, hello lovely person !

Today I thought I would do some kind of tag to introduce myself but the thing is that I couldn’t find one I really liked. I don’t want to do the usual id card type of an introduction. So I’ve decided to create my own tag ! Quirky magical get to know me (with a hint of geek ahah)


1 . What’s your name/nickname? 

My nickname is Nessie just because it’s a modification of the end of my name : Oanez.

2 . If you could be a vegetable what would you be ?

Ok that’s a weird question but i felt like it was funny and could actually provide information about who you are.

I think I’d be a sweetpotato (technically not a vegetable but close enough) because well I look like one… Jk but for real I like the sweet and salty side of the sweetpotato and I think that suits me, you know.

3 . Top 5 Disney movies ? (if you don’t watch Disney go ahead with just your favourite movies)

I like that question because I think it can say a lot about a person… You know like I love weird things, cute animals and adventure.  

Mine are (not in order because that would be way to hard) : Treasure Planet, Alice in Wonderland, Nightmare before Christmas, Stitch and The fox and the hound.

4 . Do you have dreams/life goals ? What are they ?

That one is really dear to me because of how my dreams have such a great influence on my life.

First of all : moving to Canada. It has always be a dream of mine and I think it might be partly because of my father who love Canada so much but also simply because I like the way they care about ecology and their way of thinking.

In the same category : see the world. I have an urge to travel I can’t control. I feel like I need to see the world and I won’t feel right until I’ve seen at least a good part of it.

Finally, not really a dream but more of a life goal, I want my life to not be vain. It might seems weird to some of you but I really feel like I need to make some kind of impact before I die. Even if it’s on a small scale… I want to have make a difference at least for a few people and I’m not talking about my loved one because obviously you’re important to them but like, I don’t know, people who might need help or just even the planet and the environnement in general.

5 . Do you have something that screams you ? (could be a signature move on the dancefloor, a particular word…) 

This one is easy for me : the colour PINK. I’ve had quite a weird relationship with that colour. I use to absolutely hate it when I was kid because I felt like people (and the media) forced me to love it because I was a girl. I’m not going to talk to much about it because I think that deserve is own article…

6 . What’s your favourite word ? 

In english it has to be WANDERLUST. I feel like there’s something so poetic about that word but also it describe so well what I feel.

In french I think it would be SPLEEN… It does not have the same meaning as in english. In fact Baudelaire borrowed it from the english language but in french it means like a mix of an extreme sadness and boredom .

Just for fun I’m going to throw in my favourite word in Italian too : TENEREZZA. I don’t know why exactly but there’s something about how it’s pronounced. I mean italian language is beautiful anyway but that word…

7 . Do you believe in some kind of paranormal or mystical activities ? (spirits, healing stones, angels…)

Yes I do. In fact I believe in a lot of things (to an extent). I do believe in spirits, angels and other kind of mystical entities I would say. I also believe in divination like tarot card reading or so but to an extent. I don’t think it predict our future accurately because I have the conviction that our future is always changing.

8 . Top 5 video games? (you can reduce to top 3 if you want)

I’m guessing this question isn’t for everyone since not everyone like to play video games and a top 5 may be a lot but I can’t choose less than 5…

I’m going to throw some saga in there because I can’t choose just one in a saga but here we go (not in order) : Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom hearts, Dark chronicle and Ratchet and Clank.

9 . Do you have any body modifications? If yes what are they ? If not would you like to get some ? (Piercing, tattoo, hair colour, …)

I have two tattoos and planing on having more. I have like the regular “earrings piercings” and also one more piercing just above my earrings (on each side).

Right now I have kind of a weird copper-ish blond hair colour but I use to have coloured hair for years (mostly pink or purple). I had to dye my hair back to a more natural colour to try to find a student job but I’m missing having pink hair. Also I’m going to dye it more ginger soon.

10 . What are your favourite flowers?

Sunflowers and foxgloves ! (Actually have a foxglove tattooed on my ankle) But I also like Lilac a lot because I had a lilac tree when I was young and the smell is just so nostalgic and brings me back to when I made my mother bouquets of Lilac.

11 . What is your zodiac sign ? 

I am Aquarius, ascending Aries and my moon sign is Gemini. It suits me like A LOT.


Since it’s a tag I’d like to invite all of you lovely people out there to do this tag ! It can be on a blog as well as on video. I’d like you to tag 3 other people or more so we can all get to know each other ! Also, no pressure to all the people tagged, if you do it it’s cool but don’t feel like you have to do it.

I’m still pretty new in this whole blogger community so I don’t know a lot of people but I’m tagging :

Noushkine (Youtube)

TheBigHairDiaries (Blog)

LoudMouthLoudMind (Blog)

So here it is for today’s article. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me and reading my weird questions! Have a nice day my dear lovely person.


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  1. Aww, thanks for the shoutout! I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about you. That’s so interesting about the word ‘spleen’ – the difference in meaning between English and French! I had no idea! Your sweet potato comment made me laugh!! Also, I know how you feel about wanting to make a difference in the world, even on a small scale. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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