introducing a french-speaking artist #1 : Orelsan

Hi there lovely person !

I’d like to start yet again another little serie on my blog… this one will be to introduce various french-speaking artist. I thought about it while listening to vor í vaglaskógi from Kaleo because I don’t understand a single thing he sings but still I absolutely love listening to this song. (Btw I strongly recommend this song if you haven’t heard it yet) So i figured it could be just as interesting to people who don’t speak french to listen to french-speaking artists. Also everytime I’m going to give the translation of a song from the artist I choose!

For the first article of this serie I choose to introduce you Orelsan, a french rapper. I don’t know if he’s particularly known where you are from my lovely person but here in Belgium most people know of him. I never really liked his early songs : first of all because I thought the lyrics were a bit trashy (it’s meant to be funny and I understand that but it’s just not my jam) and second of all because I never took interest in it since I don’t usually like rap. But I really took a liking for his songs when he released his second album Le chant des sirènes and I found out that a lot of his songs have really nice meanings behind them.

Today I’m going to share the translation of one of his most recent tune : Tout va bien (Everything is ok). I found this translation on and to me it seems pretty accurate, so here we go !





If the gentleman sleeps outside, it’s because he likes the sound of cars
If he’s having fun playing dead, it’s because he’s playing with statues
And if he disappeared one day, it’s because he became a millionaire
He’s probably on an island with a palm tree in his beer
It’s okay, it’s okay
Kid, it’s okay, it’s okay
It’s okay, kid, it’s okay
It’s okay, it’s okay
If the neighbor yells loudly, it’s because she didn’t hear right
If her body is all black and blue, it’s because she played in the paint
And if she disappeared one day, it’s because she went on her honeymoon
Waiting for rainy days, she puts on her sunglasses.


It’s okay, it’s okay
Kid, it’s okay, it’s okay
It’s okay, kid, it’s okay
It’s okay, it’s okay
If the men shoot each other, it’s because there are vaccines in the bullets
And if the buildings explode, it’s to make stars
And if one day they disappeared, it’s because they were having such a good time
That they went far away for a round dance, all in battledress, hand in hand


It’s okay, it’s okay
Kid, it’s okay, it’s okay
It’s okay, kid, it’s okay
It’s okay, it’s okay




You can find the song right here –> Tout va bien – Orelsan

So a quick review : I really like the meaning of this song. It’s a sad reality but it’s unfortunately our reality. We sometimes rather shut our eyes and pretend we can’t see the misery than dealing with it. And other times we are simply too numb to realize that what’s happening is not normal and all those tragedies eventually turn into white noises. Musically speaking, I also like the beat and I think this kind of suits his “broken” voice.

I hope you enjoyed the article and had a nice time discovering a new song or just reading what I think of it. And you lovely person, did you like the song? What do you think of the meaning ?


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