Some delayed valentine’s Day thoughts

Hey there Lovely,

So as you might have notice I didn’t post an article last week. I planned on posting something about “moving in with your boyfriend” because I thought it was fitting with the whole V-day theme but then I couldn’t bring myself to write it. I actually tried but I have to say that I’m not the best at writing about relationship and it made it seems like I was some kind of robot writing instruction or something. Again I feel like it might have been easier for me to write in french but I really do want to stick with English on this blog !

Anyway, I felt like maybe I could ramble a little about valentine’s day and just get my opinion out there since it’s basically what I do in most of my articles !

To be honest my opinion on this holiday changed a lot throughout the years. When I was a teenager I use to HATE this holiday. I’ll confess, my lovely person, I was a rather angsty teenager ! I thought V-day was horrible first because I was alone most of the time and it made me feel terrible on that day but also because I felt like valentine’s day emphasize that idea that you cannot be happy without a partner. I was never Aromantic but I felt like on that specific holiday I was pushed to seek someone.

Fun fact : when I was little (and I’m talking kinder garden little) I thought I wasn’t allowed to go to the little Valentine’s day party we held in my village if I didn’t have a boyfriend. At the beginning of the class my teacher ask each of us if we had a boyfriend/girlfriend (which now that I think of it is kinda strange) and I said YES because I was afraid I wouldn’t be allowed to go to the party. And when she ask me who it was I just pointed at some guy in the class. The poor guy had no idea and I just impose myself as his girlfriend ! Ahah Yes, I was a really daring child.

So, most of my teen years I hated valentines day and kept adding more reason to hate it, like the fact that it was just an excuse to push people more into consumerism (which I still think is true tbh) and I was actually the girl who would go to anti-valentine’s day party and stuff like that.

I think it started to change when I started going out with my first serious boyfriend. I didn’t hated it as much simply because I didn’t feel the pressure to find someone and it was actually kind of nice. Now I have to say that I still have mixed feeling about this holiday. Mostly because, let’s not fool ourself, it is mostly marketing nowodays and you are expected to spend money on that day. (not saying you shouldn’t). And of course we hear it all the time around V-day but you should tell your loved one how much they mean to you everyday and not only one day a year.

How do I see it now ? Well, mostly as I guaranted date night even if we don’t go out (this valentine’s day we actually just cooked a nice meal and stayed in playing video game). But also I can’t deny that I’m a sucker for pink and cute stuff so I can always find a lot of things like clothing or home decor around that day ! And one of the most random thing is that as an adult I’ve learned how expensive groceries can be and let me tell you my lovely person that I really appreciate the fact that right after V-day you can get a lot of fancier food on discount. (still makes me a little sad to see how much leftover there is in the supermarket…)

Ok so there it is ! I’m sorry for this really random (and late) article my dear lovely person but I hope you still enjoyed it !

2 thoughts on “Some delayed valentine’s Day thoughts

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  1. Ah, Valentine’s Day. It really is a mixed bag! Your anecdote about your kindergarten party was bittersweet and funny — not to mention a great example of all the pressures we can feel on V-day. I definitely agree about the pink stuff and hearts — I’ve always thought that Valentine’s is the most stylish of the holidays (and I have the old lace-trimmed chocolate boxes to prove it!). The husband and I went out to dinner, which is rare for us, to a place that ended up resembling a wedding hall/cruise ship. We laughed a lot. Glad to hear you had a lovely time in. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It’s nice you had such a great time with your husband ๐Ÿ™‚ And Yes it really is one of the most stylish holiday, I don’t really like chocolate but I’ll get some just for the box !


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