First tattoo tag

Hello my dear lovely person,
Today I want to share with you a fun tag I came across on some blog ! It’s about something I really love… tattoos, and more specifically about my first tattoo. Without further ado, here is the tag !
1. What is your tattoo of?
It’s my zodiac sign (aquarius) and a small script that say “breathe”in a typewriter font.
2. How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
I was 21, I would have got it sooner but I didn’t have money at the time.
3. What do your parents think of you tattoo?
I am lucky enough to have pretty open minded parents. They are not against tattoo at all but I dont know if I would say that they like tattoo? I guess my dad does. As for this specific tattoo I think they don’t really care for it ? It’s not the most “artistic” tattoo honestly it’s more about meaning. But I do now that they are touch that I want to get tattoos dedicated to them.
4. Will you ever get another tattoo?
Yes, for sure! I plan to get at least 4 more than what I already have ! I actually already have some ideas in mind. For exemple I know I want a bear (or bear paw mark) for my dad and some poppies for my mother.
5. Where is your tattoo located?
On my left wrist.
6. Was your tattoo painful to get?
It was uncomfortable for sure but not that painful… until it got to the middle of my wrist write above my veins (maybe this was why). At this moment it was painful, bearable, but still way more painful than before.
7. Does your tattoo have a meaning?
Yes ! I got this tattoo mostly because of my anxiety. If this is something you’d like to know more about then you can go ahead and read the text I wrote when I posted the picture of my tattoo on my instagram ! (Here is a direct link to said post : @chasing.fairies)
On this article I’d like to keep things light and breezy ! So i’m going to talk about the other meaning of my tattoo which is … Astrology obviously. I don’t believe in predicting the future trough astrology but I do believe it can give us some guidelines if analyze correctly. I also think you can get to know someone if you know their astrological signs BUT not only the zodiac sign. I think you have to also know the moon sign and the rising sign to get the full scope of a personality. Also, I view these information more as the “sketch” of someone rather than a fully complete and accurate description of someone. I am an Aquarius, moon sign Gemini and rising sign Aries as you may have guess from my tattoo !
8. Who went with you to get your tattoo?
I went with one of my bestfriend from school. She actually got tattooed on the same spot! I was really great having someone to talk to while getting the tattoo but also I think I really annoyed the tattoo artist because I would’n’t shut up.
9. Were you nervous to get it?
Definitely ! Not because I wasn’t sure to like it or because I was afraid to regret it later on… But because of the pain and also because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to really communicate what I wanted to my tattoo artist.
10. Was it as bad as you were expecting?
Not really. I guess it was pretty much what I was expecting pain-wise. The thing that did bother me was that I had the feeling that the tattoo artist was kinda judging us. He looked at us a bit like we were two dumb teenagers or something.
There it is ! As always, I hope you liked it and I’ll be back next Friday with a new article !

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