The cons of having colored hair

Hi Lovely,

You may not know this but I used to have pink hair… and blue hair…and purple hair… and red hair… and lilac hair…and sometimes many of those at the same time. I’ve pretty much dyed my hair every “My little Pony” color possible. And I loved it ! I really did. Unfortunately I went back to a more conventional hair color (Ginger) because I wanted to get a student job (being at uni) . But I’ve actually learned a lot about having those crazy color so I thought maybe I should write some articles about it.There are obviously pros and cons of having colored hair. I will start with the con in this article and get those out of the way.

The more obvious one : It can prevent you from getting jobs or other professional opportunities. If you want my opinion , that’s not something I find normal and I think it’s truly disgusting to judge someone abilities based on his appearance or else. But the truth is that it is still our reality. I guess it depends on where you live but here in Belgium it’s still very much present. I use to work at Di, which is basically a cosmetic shop and we do sell pink hair dye. BUT I was ask to go back to blond, even tho my manager was ok with that but her superior told me that if I didn’t go back to a normal color they would have to let me go. And that was not about my abilities since I had a really good sell record. I think it’s important to note that not everyone will treat you badly or deny you a job for your hair color. in fact it’s sometimes something well seen (for exemple in Lush in Belgium most workers have colored hair)

Again a very obvious one : people will stare at you and sometimes be rude. It’s just how it is really. But of course not all people will act that way and it can actually be quite rare depending on where you live. I’ve gotten my fair share of stares but I doesn’t really bother me to be honest. What could get to me sometimes was when people commented on my hair like I was a freak-show. Don’t point your finger at me, it’s not polite. Don’t laugh saying “It’s not halloween”, it’s not nice. Don’t make fun of me for being different, I will never do that to you. I’m sorry lovely person, i’m not talking to you but it’s something that really annoys me. In fact Someone at my school find it funny to post about me on a school facebook group (it’s a group where student at my uni can post thing anonymously, of course most of it is nasty stuff). The person said that I looked like I had crushed a lush bath bomb on my head and that it wasn’t Carnival. It was simply being mean for the sake of being mean. Nothing constructive. Nothing you should say and even less put on the internet.

Now one more thing that happened at my school : people taking picture of my hair without my permission. If you like my hair, or heck even if you just find it weird, and want a picture : ASK. I’ve been ask for picture by tourists before and while I find it a bit weird I won’t say no if it’s ask politely and with good intentions.ย  I will even talk about it with you if you want information or if you’re curious about dying your hair.

In the same range, men cat-calling me was the most annoying thing. When I lived in a smaller city I had absolutely no issue but once I moved in Brussels I did get a lot more attention. You could argue and tell me that they would have cat-called me anyway but truth is that I’ve notice a significant difference since my hair are back to a more discreet color. And yes, that’s messed up and you shouldn’t choose to dye your hair based on what disgusting people do but it’s nice to be aware of that .

Maybe this one is a bit less known but dying your hair some kind of crazy color usually means you will have to maintain it and chances are it will be quite annoying. It depends on the color and your hair type. Usually lighter color will fade very quickly. When I was dying my hair I found out that blue was really hard to get rid off but pink faded in almost one to two week (if it was pastel which it was most of the time for me). You can use a few tricks to maintain your color more easily like putting a little bit of hair dye in your conditioner. (the hair dye must not have ammoniac in it)

Finally one of the most important cons for me : It will fry your hair. Again it depend on your hair type and the hair color you intend to achieve. The darker your hair is, obviously the more you will need to bleach it therefore the more it will break your hair. The lighter the hair color you want the more you will have to bleach. If you want a pastel hair color you will have to bleach your hair white. If you want a darker color or for exemple a red, I find that you can bleach your hair less since the base doesn’t have to be white. But no matter what you do it will break your hair at least a little. You can try to prevent making too much damage and you can take care of your hair more to limit the damage after the bleaching but you CANNOT REPAIR YOUR HAIR. To be clear, the bleaching is what is going to damage your hair and not the coloring part. (If you use a more natural hair dye like manic panic, arctic fox…)

Ok here it is my lovely person. I know this seem like a really negative article but it’s not my goal. I LOVED having colored hair and if you ask me there are way more pros than cons and you shouldn’t let a few stupid people decide for you if you want to dye you hair! Next Friday I will most definitely talk about the pros of having colored hair and the article would be more fun and light so don’t worry. Now, I hope you enjoyed reading this and until next time have a good day !

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  1. Oh my, you are gorgeous!!! Just had to say that, when I saw the photo!

    Back on topic! I really enjoyed reading this, and I can totally relate!!! Not because of the hair color (I’ve actually never dyed my hair), but the same things have happened to me for having an unusual hairstyle. It took me a long time to find a job because my style wasn’t a good fit for most companies (I did find my dream job eventually and they don’t mind my style, so I’m happy!) I’ve had people take photos of me without permission, and literally just come up next to me and pose and take a selfie with me and then walk off! But people also ask first, sometimes. Lastly, I did have someone message me anonymously on Facebook saying rude things about my looks. That’s very rare for me but, people can be mean! ๐Ÿ™‚ As I get older, the less I care what others think of me though, so that helps a lot, to where I barely notice negative attention anymore – only positive! Thank you for sharing your story, and keep your head up, beautiful!

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    1. Thank you so much ! It’s sad how people can be mean or rude sometimes but fortunately not everyone is ๐Ÿ™‚ Your style is so pretty, I can see why people would want to take a picture or a selfie with you but I don’t understand why they can’t just ask you … + it’s really nice and flattering having someone asking you for a picture and it can lead to very pleasant conversation !

      Liked by 1 person

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