The pros of having colored hair

Hello Lovely person !

I was suppose to post it on Friday but I swear I just had so many things to do that I totally forgot ! But anyway, Here I am with my new article. Last week I wrote about the negative side but this time I will focus on the positive!

So I’ve had crazy hair colors for some times now and I wan say how much I loved it ! Like I said last week, I had to dye my hair a more common color because I was looking for a job but I already miss it so much!

First reason to dye your hair : Just do it because you want to. It’s really easy to not do something because you’re scared of what people will think but at the end of the day people would judge you no matter what so why not just enjoy yourself? And of course you are going to come across rude and annoying people but trust me you are going to meet amazing people too. For exemple I mentioned last week the fact that sometimes people may take your picture without asking for your permission but there are also people who will ask and talk to you and sometimes it leads to great conversation with them!

Speaking of which, nice interaction with people is another of my pros. It might seems a little weird but it’s true. When you have some kind of crazy colored hair people will notice you and sometimes come and talk to you. I can’t say how many times people have come up to me to ask how I did it or how much it costed me, those kind of things… And sometimes I ended up having really great conversation with them or they will simply compliment my hair and this tiny attention can just bright up your day.

Sticking with this “people” category : there’s a kind of community of people dying their hair. I think it’s true for most things, for exemple when you listen to a specific kind of music, you have something in common with other people. When I walked pass someone else with colored hair I feel like we always smiled to each other like if there was some kind of unspoken rule. it’s nice, really. Also I often talk with total stranger to discuss hair dye or hair care. I know not all people are comfortable with socialization but maybe it can actually be some kind of ice breaker if you want to talk to someone and don’t know how to approach them? Also, I don’t think people will annoy you and forcefully engage a conversation if you don’t want to.

Now another advantage of coloring you hair is that it is a great way to express yourself and let your creativity flow. Depending of how much you are willing to bleach your hair, you can achieve many different color and you can mix them and experiment. You don’t have to worry to much about ending up with something you don’t like because those kind of  “not natural” color tend to fade quite easily, except for darker colors who won’t fade as much and blue or green are also a bit more tricky, those will fade but let a pretty tenacious tint behind. When I had colored hair I experimented all the time. I loved doing ombré ! I usually had pink in my hair with either purple or blue ends.

Next, and this is a really weird one, having colored hair makes you so much easier to spot in a crowd. That may seems a bit stupid but I swear it’s life saving. I am quite small and I tend to wander off a lot so I lost my friends all the time and I have a hard time trying to look above other people to see them. It was much easier for them to spot a little pink head in a crowd.

In the same range, it makes you easily recognizable. When you have to meet people for the first time, it’s something really great ! You don’t have to wear like a red scarf or something like that, you can just say “I’d be the girl with pink hair” and chances are they will spot you right away. It came in really handy when I bought second-hand books for school and had to meet a girl I had never seen and whose profil picture was a dog !

Now I am going to make this one the last one but I think there are still many more. Maybe this one is more specific to me, I don’t know, but it allows me to really feel like myself. I was discussing it with a friend some days ago and it’s a bit silly but I don’t feel like myself when I have a natural hair color. I know it may seems a bit shallow to care about my appearance like that but I feel so much better when my outside reflect my inside if that makes any sense. I like having pastel pink hair and wear black clothes, I like boho-punk-rock style and having cute accessories. I guess it tells a story.

Anyway, that was my last “advantage” of having colored hair ! As always, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I’ll post an other article on Friday (hopefully if I stick to my schedule). Have a nice day my dear Lovely person !


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  1. “It was much easier for them to spot a little pink head in a crowd.” Hahaha that is so cute!!! Love that line! I really enjoyed reading these “pros”! I agree, it is much easier for people to find you when they can just look for a specific hair color or hairstyle. 🙂

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