Made In Asia : my experience with conventions

Hi there my Lovely person,

So last week-end I went to the Made In Asia in Brussels as I do every year. It’s a convention about asian culture and video games and I thought it could be fun to write a little bit about it and show you what I got. I’ve been going every year for the past 6 or 5 years, I think. I’ve always loved asian culture even if, to be honest, I don’t know much beside manga/anime, fashion, video games and kpop…

You may ask yourself why do you go? Well my lovely person, I think mostly it’s because it makes me happy to be part of a community. I know it’s a bit silly but those interests are not very popular here in Belgium and people usually don’t see video games or even manga as something nice. I think it’s often associated with laziness and it’s often seen as a “shameful” pleasure which in my opinion is really stupid. But when you go to this kind of convention you get to be around people who enjoy it as much as you do and would never judge you for liking those things. I guess I could go on and on about that but let’s leave it for another article, shall we ?

Now what can you do at a convention ? A lot of different things really ! My favorite is shopping for merch and cute things but let’s be honest it’s a rather pricey activity. But you can meet artist such as mangaka, you can see concerts (which is really cool since you only have to pay for the entrance of the con) , you go see some demonstration and learn about the culture (martial-art, dance…), you can go eat specialties (I’ve tried Onigiri for the first time this year and it was so great!) and so much more… Also I like to go in cosplay (a costume of your favorite character) and building my cosplay is actually one of the thing I like the most about going to this convention, but I’ll talk about that later in this article!


Now a huge thing I have learned in the many years I’ve been going to the convention is : You have to be prepared. Maybe not everyone feels the same but being prepare has made it so much better for me! There are a few things to know and I’m going to give you some of my tips :

  • always plan a Budget, if you plan to go shopping or eat there you have to be aware that it can become expensive really quick. I usually spend AT LEAST 50€ for a day (+the cost of the entrance)
  • Bring an extra pair of flat comfy shoes if you are wearing heels or uncomfortable shoes for your cosplay, trust me even if you want to look good at the end of the day it won’t matter anymore to you and you will be glad to have “ugly comfy shoes”.
  • If you are wearing tights for your cosplay (often the case for me) you should wear shorts or even a pair of underwear above them and it will avoid them to slide off. It’s always really annoying when you spend the day pulling up your tights. In the same range : use fashion tape or double sided tape to keep your over-the-knee socks in place (or even just your clothes in general)
  • Bring your own food if you don’t have a lot of money ! This one can save you so much money and you can cook something nice if you still want to treat yourself. And also never forget to bring something to drink, this way you won’t have to pay so much for a can of coke.

Sooo… here is the cosplay I wore this year. Can you recognize who it is ? It’s actually one of my favorite video game ever ! I grew up playing legend of zelda (yeah if you didn’t recognize it, I was Link) on my gameboy and it made me so happy to cosplay this character !

I don’t have a huge budget for cosplay so what I usually do is basically I try to come up with simple cosplay I can “make” myself by assembling clothes I already own (or that I know I would wear again if I have to buy it) and then I just accessorize with things I craft. For this cosplay I just bought a large green sweater, I already had a link beanie (Yep, I’m a big nerd) and white shorts and then I added elven ears, a pouch and a shield. The ears I bought in an halloween shop : they were actually orc ears and were really ugly (browns and gigantic) but I cut them and painted them. The pouch I sew in brown felt I had laying around and stick to a belt that I tied around my thigh. And for the shield I actually made it myself out of paper maché and cardboard (Tutorial coming next week!!!)

I know it’s not the best cosplay out there but I had so much fun making it and I’m glad that the few pieces I did myself were actually the one people noticed since they asked me were they could buy them. And also I have to say that it helps me a bit confidence-wise to get outside of my comfort zone once in a while. I am a rather chubby girl and it’s not easy for me to wear something that shows so much of my legs or that gets me attention (says the girl who had pink hair). It can be hard for me to go to event like that because I keep comparing myself to other girl and it can get me uncomfortable and anxious really quick but I feel like the fact that I’m “playing a character” and doing things I like allow me to look past that.

OK, now into more fun and light stuff! Here is what I bought this year :

I am so happy with my purchase. It was not cheap but it makes me happy so in my opinion it’s definitely worth it ! I bought some cute cards: Jiji (the black cat) from kiki’s delivery service, which is the first Studio Ghibli movie I’ve watched, and just a cute cactus kitty cat. A bookmark with Eevee on it.  A really cool witchy T-shirt: Lately I’ve been trying to get back into fashion and to buy stuff that I like and not just stuff that “fits”. And finally my favorite item, this super cute cat-skull ouija board necklace: I know it may seems a bit weird or dark but that’s exactly what I like and I love witchy stuff (even tho I will NEVER touch a ouija board). Oh and also my boyfriend got me this adorable nemuneko (basically a kitty-ball plushie), I already have some and I love them : they are cute, soft and can be use as pillows !

Ok, I’m going to stop here because I already feel like this article is super long already and I could keep on writing for hours! I hope you enjoyed reading it and today I’d live to ask you, do you go to those kind of conventions? Would you like to?

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  1. I love your costume!!! You did a really great job putting it together yourself! I’ve never been to a convention, but they do have them here in the States too (Comic Con is the most famous one in San Diego, I think). I love the items you bought! So cute!! ❤️ Glad you had fun.

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