Diary entry : Why I didn’t post the past few weeks

Hello there my Lovely person,

As you might have notice I’ve not been posting those past few weeks and that is because, my dear, I am currently studying and making project for uni ! I am technically on “holiday” as I don’t have class but I have so much work that it doesn’t really feel like holiday… Anyway, I wanted to at least post a short article this week and catch up on my blog reading so here I am !

I don’t have much to say so I thought I’d try myself at the good old blogging diary thing and basically tell you about my everyday life.

So those past weeks I have been working on stuffs for university. The bigger project I am currently working on (with my team) is a news game. If you don’t know what it is it’s a kind of game based on research and interviews. Basically it’s like a mini documentary but turned into a game where the player is the “hero” and get a lot of information while trying to achieve a goal. The one I am working on is about the different ways to bring back your wife/husband in Belgium when they are from another country. The goal of our player is to successfully live in Belgium with their love but for that they have to go trough all the administrative requirements.

I wasn’t to exited when we first got our subject but now that we have interviewed people and actually seen the struggle of two people in love but kept apart by law… it’s heart breaking and really gives me the desire to help and inform people who might need to go through all this.

Besides all that, I’ve also been trying to get into a healthier routine. So far I can’t say that I am pleased with the amount of sport I did since it’s almost nul but I am eating healthy and trying to make my boyfriend eat vegetables even tho he hates it.  Skincare-wise I am quite happy with my current routine (in fact I might write an article about it).

I’ve also spend some time with my friends a little bit more than I usually do and it felt nice ! I saw them around easter for a board-game night, went to grab drinks with other friends I didn’t see in a while, went to a “zoo” (apparently this one is more ethic and save endangered animals) with one of my best friend and went to an evanescence concert with an other of my best friends… It’s really been great for my mental health to get to relax and just enjoy night out with my friends.

I think that pretty much sums it up. I am sorry if this wasn’t the most interesting article but I will get back on tracks as soon as possible ! I hope you still enjoyed it and I wish you have a very good day my dear lovely person !

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