How to survive university when you have anxiety

Hello there my lovely Person !

No, I’m not dead. I know I havent’ post anything lately (again) but as I’ve said in my last post I just have so many things to do for uni and really didn’t have the time to write… BUT I’ve been thinking about so many articles I want to write and I hope I can manage to find some time soon…

Today I’ve decided to just write a few tips and advices for people like me who suffer from anxiety and because of that struggles with classes and all. Of course I am my own unique person and maybe what helps me is not made for you but feel free to adapt any tips for your lifestyle or leave me a comment with your own advice !

  1. Manage your time

I think it’s one of the most important thing for me. It helps a lot to just write down a schedule and make time for everything you have to do. For exemple Last week I had two oral presentation and a project I needed to work on. The week before I had a massive anxiety attack just thinking about how I didn’t have enough time and it was impossible to achieve… but I sat down and started to fill my calendar and when I was done I already felt a little better. I assigned periods of time to certain things that had to be done. I always try not to be to precise about this because I know for a fact that it never goes as planned so instead of writing down hours, I simply choose a period like “early morning” “late afternoon” and it just seems less stressful that way. When I have that many things to do I also make sure to prioritize and yes sometime it means skipping a class or not going to the gym, stuff like that… But I always try not to feel guilty because I know in the end it’s for the best.

2. Allow yourself a breather once in a while

Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself when you’re making your planner. I know it’s tempting to forbid yourself “fun times” when you have a lot of work to do but if you’re like me and crumble under the pressure you NEED to allow yourself time to go out, see people, maybe grab coffee… And it doesn’t have to be an entire day, but just a few hours are already going to make a difference in your mind. I need to feel like I am in charge of my own time and not crushed by obligations.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others

This is really important. It may seem really obvious but I know so many people (me included but I am getting better) who keep comparing themselves to other. We are all different people, that’s what makes the world interesting. The moment you start comparing yourself to others is most likely when you’re going to feel the more guilty and bad about things you shouldn’t really. Yes, sometimes I have to skip a class in order to study or sometimes I’ll skip it because I have enormous anxiety… It’s ok. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to class, because obviously you should, but you don’t have to feel like you are the worst student ever because of that. Also most of the time we will compare ourself to those who succeed but never forget there also people like you and people who are “less successful” too.

3. Spend time on your own

This one I use to feel really guilty about. When I don’t feel good, when I am struggling with my depression or anxiety, I tend to shut people down and spend time on my own. And I’ll just avoid every social media and leave my phone somewhere I won’t hear it ring. And I use to feel guilty because people would come and talk to me and I’ll only see it the day after or so. But it’s ok. If those people are friends they should understand that sometimes you need time for yourself. I’m not saying you should go and wallow in your pain but you absolutely deserve to take a break and just do something you like. (I usually play video games.

4. Tell people your struggles

I think you should always have people close to you that are aware of your situation. If you don’t feel like it you can always talk to a therapist too. But I like that I can talk to my friends or that when I say I want to be alone or that I don’t feel well, they know why it is and what’s going on. Now, of course not all your friends will understand. Anxiety can be a tricky thing to understand to some people. I think it’s that way for my boyfriend. He can never quite grasp why I would feel so down for things that seems “not that important” to him or why I would sometimes be so defeatist about things that are “so far from now”. But if they care about you, they will still listen and maybe you can make them understand at least a bit more.

5. Study and relaxing “stations”

This may seem a little superficial but I swear it makes the biggest difference for me. I always try to arrange a corner of my appartement to be my “study station”. I make it very cute and convenient and also I make sure that I can have all the space for myself and that it’s quiet (since I live with my boyfriend and his desk with his computer is in our room I can’t work there). A good lighting is a prime characteristic of my study station, and having all my stationary lay out right in front of me. I also choose a couple playlist to give the space a vibe nice to study. In addition I also like to arrange nice space to relax and take my breaks ! Not in the same room as my study station because I like to really “feel” that I’m on a break and be able to dissociate my relaxing time from my study time, if that makes sense.

6. Find what makes you feel better

I think this one is really obvious but it’s really easy to look up self-care on the internet and see for exemple that a lot of people associate it with face-mask and bath and think it’s the way it’s suppose to be done. But really everyone is different ! Personally, I know that meditation and painting makes me feel better but I also learned that sometimes I’m just too stressed or depressed to even do that and in those moment I know I can relax better by just taking a bath with sweet-sugary bubble bath and a tv show ! I guess my advice here is to try different thing but always remember that everyone is different, even you from time to time.

I think that’s about it ! I’m really sorry I didn’t upload recently and again I hope I can find the time to write more often soon ! Until then I wish you all the best !

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  1. Great post!!! I can get anxiety from time to time, and over the years I’ve really learned how to manage it (by creating space for myself, understanding how to plan accordingly to have less stress in my life, etc). Self-care is absolutely essential! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Always love reading your blog! ❤️

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