Diary entry : June, exams and holiday

Hey there my lovely person,

You may not remember me since I’ve gone awol and I’m sorry for that but I am back now! I wasn’t able to write with my exams at uni and then I took some time to just relax and see some friends after that, but now I feel ready to start writing again. I’m going to have more time those next 2 months and I’d like to take this opportunity to really think about what I want to do with this blog : what direction I’d like to take it, maybe see if I want to change the design, try a new publishing schedule…

Anyway, I thought I’d come back with something simple and that I enjoy writing : I’ve decided to write another diary entry and simply explain what’s been going on lately in my life.

So as I have mentioned several times, I had exams in June and it took most of my time. I spend most of my time studying and trying to not have too many panic attacks, really. Exams are always really hard on me and I struggle with a lot of anxiety because of that. This time around I also had a bit of a “depressive episode” that came and knock me down. In the end I managed to pass most of my exams and I only have a few that I need to retake in August. Some people might be really disappointed in my situation but honestly, knowing how I felt at the time, I am really proud of it.

Once the exams were over I took some time for myself and went out a couple of time with friends. Nothing too crazy really : drinks, shopping, movie nights, picnic… Honestly I enjoy spending time with close friends way more now rather than going out and partying all night. I’ve had my wild time and it was fun (often a bit too stupid/dangerous too) but I think I am in a place right now where I prefer going to a pub to have drinks and chat or inviting friends over at my place.

Those two weeks after the exams went by in a flash really. We’re now in July and I have only two more weeks of free time. Why ? Since I am a student should’n’t I be on Holiday ? You may ask, my lovely person.ย Well yes, it’s true that I will only be back to school in September but on July 17th My boyfriend and I will be adopting a puppy which means I will spend most of my time taking care of her the first few weeks she’ll be home. (Get ready for loads of article about the pup!). Also In August I will be going to a friend’s wedding in Portugal and right after that is my exam session so I need to start studying as soon as possible.

While I am excited for everything that is to come this summer (especially the puppy), I know that summer is going to pass by very quick and that I’ll be back in uni before I know it !

I know it wasn’t the most exciting article but I still hope you enjoyed reading it and until the next article, have a beautiful time my lovely person !

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