We’re getting a puppy

Hi there my lovely,

So, as you might know if you know me or of you have read my latest article, my boyfriend and I are getting a puppy soon !

I’ve spend all my childhood surrounded by animals (we always had 2 or 3 dogs at the same time) and when I moved out of my parents house it was really weird not having a dog around. I knew I wanted to get a dog of my own but I also wanted to be sure that I could provide for him and that I had a nice enough place. Honestly it might have been a better time in a couple more years, just because I would have finish uni. But then again, I will probably be working by then and I won’t have as much time.

Getting a puppy is something we discussed a lot my boyfriend and I. He knew from the start that having a dog was really important to me and that I ultimately wanted two dogs. First one now and second one later on (maybe 3 years depending on our situation). The reason why we waited was like I said because we wanted to be in a good situation but also we had to find the right apartment. As it turns out we moved this year in an apartment of a decent size and with a small garden. To be honest we did look at apartment with the idea of getting a dog in mind. The only problem was that in the apartment we liked pets were forbidden. We still decided to get it and we figured that we could move later if we wanted to have a dog. In the end we didn’t had to move because the landlord decided to allow us to get a dog provided that we signed a contract stating that the dog would have a proper education and be of a small size. It was my boyfriend who arranged that with the landlord while I was in exams. Given the state of mind I was in when he announced me that we could have a dog, it might have been what kept me going. Anyway, we got the permission to have a dog.

The first thing we needed to figure out was the race. I’ve had rescues all my life and I really recommend rescuing a dog but this time we wanted a pure breed puppy. While I am really happy with my choice, I feel like I couldn’t stress enough that there are really amazing dog in shelters and sometimes even puppies. My late dog was a rescue from Spain and really I never had a dog who loved me so much and I am thankful for every day I got with her. She was adult when I adopted her and it didn’t stop her to be loving. She was struggling a bit more with obedience but to be fair she was beaten by her last owner (she was a Galgo/Greyhound from Spain, its really common for them to live in horrible condition) and not every dog in shelter had such a back story. Anyway, adopting a dog in a shelter is a great idea and you might even find the breed you want if you have a specific one one mind. When we discussed the breed, our choices were : corgi, daschund or Japanese spitz and those are all quite pricy (at least in my area) and really not that common which is way we decided to go with a breeder (not a “puppy factory”). We also liked the idea of being able to choose the puppy we wanted in the litter and get the best fit for us.

My boyfriend really loves Daschunds but they are not my favorite and we agreed that I could have the last word for the choice of our first puppy and he would have it for our second puppy. So it was between a corgi and a Japanese spitz. While I adore corgis, I must admit that I’ve always dreamed of having a white fluffy dog, one of my favorite breed being the samoyed. Of course we needed to get a smaller dog than that and this is why a Japanese spitz seemed perfect. They are cousins of the samoyed, but smaller and still bigger than a miniature spitz. We agreed on getting a Japanese spitz and I began looking for a decent breeder. It didn’t took me long as I had already browse the internet a million time before that looking for all kind of information about breeds I was interested in. I had found a really nice breeder in France. 6 hours away from home and still one of the closest ones. Of course I would have travelled even further if this one didn’t seem respectful to me. But it is a small sized breeder and the lady who runs it is really passionate about her dogs and caring. The females there have a really early retirement age and they don’t have litters too often. They have plenty of space for the dogs and care for them until the very end. Really, I couldn’t ask for more.

We picked a breed, we knew where we were going to adopt. Now we needed to decide on the gender of our puppy. Honestly, while there are some differences in character between the two gender, they aren’t always that big and each dog has his own character really. For exemple, male are often said to be more clingy and female more independent but I’ve had really clingy females and really independent males. But what can be very different depending on the breed is the size and it was really the deciding factor for us since we wanted a smaller dog (even though big dogs are my favorites). We then went online and since our puppy was going to be L.O.F we knew we needed to follow the name rule and give her a name that started with the letter of choice for the year 2018. This year it is “O”. I was quite disappointed with it. I couldn’t think of a female dog name I liked starting with an “O”, it seemed to me that it was much easier for a male. Now, you can cheat and add an O’ at the beginning of the name and not pronounce it when you call your dog but I really wanted to find a name in “O” without any trickery. I had toy around with the idea of calling her Okami, because of one of my favorite games. I liked that it was Japanese and that it meant “wolf” or “great deity” (depending on the kanji) but I was concerned with the fact that it is more suiting for a male. After long discussions with a lot of people, my boyfriend and I decided that it was what we wanted to name her. It still sounds girly enough and the name really spoke to us.

After all that, it was time to get ready of welcoming her in our life. (I will probably write a more detailed article about getting ready for a puppy!). We bought everything we needed, found a nice vet close to us and of course a puppy school. I also refreshed my memory about canine education (my dad use to be a licence canine educator so I am familiar with it) and made a list of “do and don’t” for my boyfriend since he doesn’t know how to properly raise a dog.

Finally, time to choose our little Okami. We actually went to the breeder yesterday. We drove for 11 hours in total, just to see the litter and choose the one we wanted. Since there was already a family before us in the reservation for the females of the litter, we only had the choice between two of them. It was probably one of the hardest decision I’ve ever made, choosing a dog who would share the next 15 years with us. But it was also one of the happiest.

I think that’s all I will write for this time but don’t worry, lovely, I have plenty of articles about dogs coming your way ! Until then, have a nice time.

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