Diary entry : Our first days with our puppy

Hi there Lovely person,

As you might remember I was going to get a new puppy last Tuesday…and we did! We named her Okami. I am looking at her right now while writing this and I swear she is the cutest puppy. She is sleeping right now but I can assure you that those past few days were far from calm.

The day we got her : We had to drive for 6hours to get to the breeder’s place so we had to leave early. We had a safe and rather calm journey, only stopping a few times to go to the bathroom and eat. We were travelling from Brussels to a little town a little further than Paris. While I don’t drive, I can tell you one thing I absolutely hate about french highways… tolls. You have to pay in order to drive there, and it’s not cheap. They don’t even take our card so we had to struggles to find some kind of ATM or a store on the highway that would let us withdraw money if we bought something. Anyway, we got there and after a small hour we were back in the car with our little pup. She was really good, didn’t cry at all, wasn’t sick in the car, only peed when we went outside… It was perfect. Until it wasn’t. Since it was late at night by the time we were driving back home, a couple of highways had been closed during the night for some kind of renovation work. Of course, no indication whatsoever and the GPS kept asking us to take those closed roads. We ended up driving more than 8hours and we arrived home at 2am. I can tell you that she had no troubles falling asleep for her first night. She was really brave all the way and we are really proud of her.

Her first day with us : We woke up early to let her go potty outside. There’s not much to tell about her first day. She played a lot with us. We started crate training her and she was already pretty comfortable with the crate (she was partly in it for the road on the first day and she slept in it too). We trained her a little : throwing treats in the crate and getting her use to get in and out of it without fuss. She also discovered that she absolutely love playing in the grass in the garden. At night we were a little bit stressed out at the idea that she would howl the house down when it was time to sleep but she actually only whine for a couple minutes. We had previously tired her by playing to make it easier on all of us.

Second day, alone with me : My boyfriend went to work on that day. She didn’t seem to mind to much being alone with me as long as I wasn’t leaving her too. We want to train her to be alone but since she’s still so young and not acquainted with her new environnement we know we can’t ask for too much. She need to feel safe and at home first. I left her alone for 15 minutes and she only cried a little. The real struggle is whenever we lock the crate. We are doing exercises to make her more comfortable with it but those things take time. The thing is that since we live in an apartment we have to keep the noise down and of course she cries to get out of the crate like any puppy would. We don’t want to open the crate while she’s crying to avoid reinforcing the idea that she can cry her way out of it or even call us. So we have to let her cry for a while and if you have a puppy you know that it can get really loud, those cries being designed to alert their mom that they are in danger.

Third day, morning alone : On the third day I was alone again with her. The morning went well. She was doing great with potty training and she stayed alone for 25minutes without crying. By 2pm my boyfriend came back to work from home. It didn’t change much since I still had to look after her. We decided to let her free range of the house (under our supervision still) and let her out of her park. She seems to get use to the house and started walking further away from us without fear. Given the day we had, I expected her to go to sleep as easily as the other nights but unfortunately it was really hard. She cried a lot and we ended up taking her out again and tiring her out. Eventually she went to sleep, but not after crying for a couple of minutes.

That’s about it, my lovely person. I don’t have much more to say for now and I realize this is probably not the more entertaining article but to be honest it’s also a little bit for me : I know I’ll be glad to read it again when Okami gets older.

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