A (kind of) movie critic

Hi there lovely person ! So obviously i'm not a film critic and I have no real experience in cinema but I thought it would be fun to try and review Star wars VIII : The last Jedi ! Little disclaimer there's going to be a lot of SPOILS so please don't read it if you haven't... Continue Reading →

Shout out of the week

Hi there lovely person, I've decided to create a new category on my blog : The shout out of the week. How does it work, you ask ? It's pretty simple really. Every week i'm going to give a shout out to someone, some content I really appreciated. It can be a youtuber, a blogger,... Continue Reading →

I finally did it 

(Random picture of a random door I stumbled upon in Ireland because it's the beginning and I'm opening a new door... I don't know?) Hi there lovely person, I have something to tell you... I FINALLY DID IT. Yes, that's right, I've  started writing a blog. It's been on my mind for a long time... Continue Reading →


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