Some delayed valentine’s Day thoughts

Hey there Lovely, So as you might have notice I didn't post an article last week. I planned on posting something about "moving in with your boyfriend" because I thought it was fitting with the whole V-day theme but then I couldn't bring myself to write it. I actually tried but I have to say... Continue Reading →


introducing a french-speaking artist #1 : Orelsan

Hi there lovely person ! I'd like to start yet again another little serie on my blog... this one will be to introduce various french-speaking artist. I thought about it while listening to vor í vaglaskógi from Kaleo because I don't understand a single thing he sings but still I absolutely love listening to this song. (Btw... Continue Reading →

Hey lovely person ! Quick update just to say that I will only be posting twice a week from now on (1 quote of the day on Wednesday and 1 article on Friday) because I don't have much spare time with uni... But I hope you'll still enjoy reading my blog ! Xoxo - Nessie

Birthday rant

Hey lovely, So tomorrow is my birthday and I can't stop thinking about it. I don't think it's really a big deal since I'm already an adult but I'm just reflecting about my relationship with that "special day". I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with my birthday. I like the idea of celebrating... Continue Reading →

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