How to survive university when you have anxiety

Hello there my lovely Person ! No, I'm not dead. I know I havent' post anything lately (again) but as I've said in my last post I just have so many things to do for uni and really didn't have the time to write... BUT I've been thinking about so many articles I want to... Continue Reading →


Made In Asia : my experience with conventions

Hi there my Lovely person, So last week-end I went to the Made In Asia in Brussels as I do every year. It's a convention about asian culture and video games and I thought it could be fun to write a little bit about it and show you what I got. I've been going every... Continue Reading →

The cons of having colored hair

Hi Lovely, You may not know this but I used to have pink hair... and blue hair...and purple hair... and red hair... and lilac hair...and sometimes many of those at the same time. I've pretty much dyed my hair every "My little Pony" color possible. And I loved it ! I really did. Unfortunately I... Continue Reading →

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